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  • Are Web Directories Dead?

    December 3rd, 2017 6:40 am

    As Google has been flooding the webmaster community with multiple updates of Penguin, Panda, and most recently Hummingbird, many have been questioning whether the use of web directories is dead.  This really comes as no surprise because Google was targeting numerous poor-quality directories with a vengeance.  As a result, webmasters were in fear of their sites being penalized.

    These negative rumors have kept many online entrepreneurs from using these resources to build valuable backlinks.  The trick is to find a reputable Real Estate Directory that the search engines like.  In fact, locating the right directory can boost your online rankings and reputation now more than ever, to much higher levels than previously imagined, since so many people are running away from them altogether.  The right website directory is still perhaps the most valuable way to increase traffic to your website, build relevant backlinks, and improve trust with the “Big Three” of Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

    To Make Money Investing in Real Estate

    November 27th, 2017 3:14 am

    Owning real estate can be a great feeling. Knowing you have the money to put down on large investments that have the assurance of earning you a hefty income while you sit back and watch time go by.

    1.) Look at the Value of the Property
    When looking at real estate, you want to look at the true value of the property. You can do this by looking at the properties close by. You can also look at how long the property has been available, and this can lead to the question of “Why?”. If a property has been left on it’s own for quite some time, there is usually a reason. Make sure you do your research on your investment before you take action.

    2.) Choose the Right Market
    You want to make sure you get into a market where you are most knowledgeable, and are comfortable in. You have many options when it comes to real estate whether it be a house you want to fix up for a profit, foreclosures, starter homes, condominiums, low down payment homes, etc. Whichever strategy you choose has it’s own benefit, so make sure you choose wisely and know what you’re getting into.

    3.) Know What You’re Getting Into
    Always, always, always do your research. Many people think they know more than they do, and they end up losing thousands of dollars in the process. They think it won’t be as much as they think, and they end up not fully doing the research they should have. This is the main way people lose money with real estate investing.

    4.) Address Taxes
    Taxes can be a main part of your real estate investment and can make the difference between income and losing all your money in the end. To be certain about your tax situation make sure you speak with a tax adviser so you are making sure you are getting quality advice and not just guessing and making decisions on your own knowledge.

    5.) Double Check Utility Costs
    You can never be too certain when it comes to utility costs. This is one of the things you should double check in order for you to include all costs when deciding about purchasing. If you don’t know each and every expense, you will end up miscalculating and losing money.

    6.) Inspect
    Make sure you don’t just take the word of the owner, and inspect the property yourself. This will give you the peace of mind so you can be sure that the property is in order. If you truly want to make sure the property is in shape, have an inspector come over and do an inspection that you can supervise. This will insure that the property is indeed a proper investment.