How Insurance Agents and Brokers Can Generate Tons of Cash Using the Internet
I've been an insurance agent for the past 13 years for one the top property and casualty providers in the country. And one of the most important concepts I've learned is "residual income". I get paid every time my customer's policy renewed. I only had to sell the policy once and I would get paid year after year for as long as my customer stayed in my agency. The trick was to get as many policies from one household as possible. And to get as many households as possible. [...]

Smart Ideas on How to Look for a Home Insurance Broker
A lot of homeowners could not distinguish an insurance broker and insurance agent. If you have plans of engaging into a real estate transaction, then it is important that you know how to differentiate the two of them. When you talk of home insurance broker, this is responsible for representing yourself to the insurance provider. The insurance agent, on the other hand, represents one company. [...]

Your Insurance Brokerage General Agency Scares Brokers Away
If you use financial or insurance magazine advertising, immediate change your ads. Currently less than 15% of total active insurance agents are high income brokers.
As an insurance brokerage agency you spotlight how you top producer(s) make $15,000 to $25,000 either monthly or one single sale. Your ads push "easy" qualifications for an excursion or memory trip to an exotic resort. You say how you can turn just about ANY agent into a super producer. [...]

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